Designed to help you achieve better blood sugar numbers, lean muscle growth, and act as a tool for weight loss if desired.

The 12 Week Climb Workout Program

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You don’t have to wonder if this guide works, you can see for yourself.

Want to feel more confident in your workouts and actually see changes?

“I love the 12 week climb. Especially the heart behind it. It inspired me to get out of my comfort zone in the gym, try different things + to trust the process. I’ve never seen such swift results in my body, as well as insulin sensitivity + I felt a new sense of confidence. Also, knowing Lauren goes through what I do every day with type one diabetes added to the belief that I could do it."

Amy, T1D

This guide is for you if:

1. You are looking for a strategic plan to build strength while building lean muscle

2. You want a plan made for people with diabetes by a person with diabetes

3. You want to learn new, effective moves to strengthen different body parts

4. You want to feel your body getting stronger

5. You thrive with structure + guidance

6. You want to feel confident when incorporating weights into your routine

7. You get bored of doing the same workouts over and over

8. You’re constantly wondering if what you’re doing is “working”

Results you'll experience

Greater confidence inside and outside the gym

A deeper understanding of what body part certain moves strengthen

Build the underlying strength needed to increase your insulin sensitivity

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More stable blood sugar numbers

Transformation of your body + mind

Build lean muscle

Less stress wondering if your workouts "work"

I wanted to get back to feeling strong in my body, increase my insulin sensitivity to lose some body fat and have better blood sugars, and overall just get my mood and energy back up.

When I first created this guide, it was only for myself. I had been on and off with working out for 2 months because of a non-diabetes related medical issue and wanted a plan to get back to where I once was. 

Since the strategies in the course are exactly what I use and give my clients to help them increase their insulin sensitivity for better blood sugars and weight loss, I wanted to paint a picture of my own transformation that can easily be you.

I know what you’re thinking…

”Could this ACTUALLY work for me?

“Will I be able to see results?”

“I see that you’ve done it...but what about me?”

My answer….. HELL YES. This is possible for you too.

12 weeks of workouts (gym based but can be modified to do at home)


inside the ebook

4-5 workouts per week (50+ workouts)


Mapped out weekly schedule of cardio + training sessions


Images with each exercise demonstrating each move


FAQ & terminology section


See below for 12 week climbers


Meet Your Programers

Risely founder Lauren Bongiorno and Risely coach Jessica Bonilla created this ebook to help people living with Type 1 Diabetes feel more confident and empowered in their bodies. Together, they are certified in group exercise, personal training, yoga, as well as hold national board health coaching credentials. They are big proponents of strength training and have seen massive improvements in body composition, insulin sensitivity, and blood sugars personally, and for Risely clients.

Ready to become stronger, faster + leaner?

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